G​/​/​R beats

by Apostrophe S

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all beats/flips made from samples suggested in a community thread on Facebook group Glitch//Request from 9-2-2015 thru 9-6-2015.

group users were given an original selfie by me of me

then they glitched it and submitted their versions. whoever contributed a glitch was offered a chance to throw out an audio source or prompt from which I would then make a beat. the results are as follows:

1. "anything from evangelion" - Image #1, glitch by A.L. Gerard

source material: prompt was "anything from evangelion," so I did a little YouTube digging and chose "Evangelion AMV - M-11 (Everything You've Ever Dreamed)

2. The Rick Dance! (Flip) - Image #2, glitch by Saturn Kat

source material: prompt was "Rick from Rick and Morty" so naturally I had to use the Rick Dance from the house party episode

3. my mate will put it to good use - Image #3, glitch by Rory Petts

source material: "The Curse" by Agnes Obel (note: the live session version was used for this; 2nd note: I have no idea how this ended up sounding like a kalimba but I love it)

4. ape, if possible - Image #4, glitch by 루카스

source material: "Blinded by Light" from Final Fantasy XIII OST by Masashi Hamauzu ~and~ "It G Ma" by Keith Ape

5. green blocks /blurnotice/ ?? - Image #5, glitch by 許莉莉

source material: "Butterfly" by Smile.dk

6. glitch vs virus (matrix monologue) - Image #6, glitch by Dragana Dimitrijević

source material: Agent Smith's "Humans Are A Virus" monologue from the Matrix (actor: Hugo Weaving)

7. get ready or get spooked! (pls share for a safe & spooky halloween) - challenge credit to Daniel Daniel

source material: "It's Halloween" by the Shaggs ... no glitch was attached to this request but the Shaggs are one of my all-time favorite musical groups, and the challenge to flip one of their tracks into a somewhat digestible beat was too cool to pass up (note: keep your ears focused for an interpolated melodic snippet of "Who Are Parents?" towards the end of the track)

8. ^^^^^ purple lining in a fur coat // winter sunset ^^^^^ - Image #7, glitch by Cornelius Bartholomew Pumpernickel

source material: "Unravel by tk from ling tosite sigure" note: I used the acoustic version (thank god their was one - bless you Japanese capitalism!) because that shreddy gnarly screamo shit from the original version was way too noisey

9. get to know ya // (tell me) - Image #8, glitch by Chris Drevon

source material: "Sakura Mitsutsuki" by SPYAIR

10. aah ooh stairwell (ft. Etienne de Lividum) - Image #9, glitch by Nino Farina (my favorite glitch, which I used for the album cover)

source material: "czekolada" by Etienne de Lividum (soundcloud.com/etiennedelividum)


released September 6, 2015



all rights reserved